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Scrum is a powerful tool but is also a pain when you work in a team with multiple projects.

As a team with multiple projects, I mean a team where some of them are working on one projects, some of them on other etc, and if you have staff working at home you will need some good working from home monitoring software so make sure that you get the best of any team.

In my case, I’m in a team between 5–9 people and 3–5 projects, each project has between 1–3 people involved at the same time.

And we are also part of a big team of around 15–20 people that is growing, from an office between 50–60 people and in a company between 200–300 and yes, growing.

But in this article, I want to talk about how I tried to have a more productive retrospective in the team (remember 5–9 people involved).

How did we deal with retrospectives before this?

We have tried a lot of different types of retrospectives, there are a lot and all of them are so interesting and sometimes funny.

Luckily, in our company we are always improving, giving feedback and trying to change the things when they don’t work, in this case, we feel like the retrospectives that we use are not super useful and productive as we need.

But why? Probably because, once you know the basics about what you need in retrospectives (examples are How to Run a Sprint Retrospective or How to Run a Really Good Retrospective), you will start to search for a fun retrospective like or the Sail Boat retrospective (one of the funnier)

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